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Here is an easy way to use a sequence of images as a single animated UIImage. The concept behind this is to add your images in sequential order and return an animated image. This is has less math involved than actually using CoreAnimation and is only available in iOS 5.0 and beyond, you will need to use an alternative method in a previous version.

+ (UIImage *)animatedImageWithImages:(NSArray *)images duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(5_0);

Here is an example of how you can add a sequence of images to an NSArray:

    NSArray *animationFrames = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading01.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading02.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading03.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading04.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading05.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading06.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading07.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading08.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading09.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading10.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading11.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading12.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading13.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading14.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading15.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"loading16.png"],
    return [UIImage animatedImageWithImages:animationFrames duration:1.0f]; 

// Example using -(UIImage*)loadingImage
[self.myImage setImage: [self loadingImage]];

// Example using the above NSArray, animationFrames
[self.myImage setImage: [UIImage animatedImageWithImages:animationFrames duration:1.0]];

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  1. hello, nice tutorial , i wonder this code can be done by theos> in Tweak.xm ? i want to try it out, thanks !

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