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Here is a fun way to show local notifications. The first showLocalNotificationWithTitle: andAlertAction: will show a notification to the user via the banner as well as place the message in the Notification Center. The second method application: didReceiveLocalNotification: demonstrates how to direct the user based on the action of the notification. For example, if you want to notify the user about a new feature in the app and direct them to that view once they acknowledge the notification.

Banner Notification

Notification Center Item

#pragma mark - Local Notifications

- (void)showLocalNotificationWithTitle:(NSString *)title andAlertAction:(NSString *)action
    UIApplication * app = [UIApplication sharedApplication];
    NSArray * existingNotifications = [app scheduledLocalNotifications];
    // Clear any old notifications before scheduling a new one.
    if ( [existingNotifications count] > 0 )
         [app cancelAllLocalNotifications];
    // Create a new notification
    UILocalNotification * notification = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];
    if ( notification )
        NSDate *date = [NSDate date];
        NSDate *futureDate = [date dateByAddingTimeInterval:3];
        notification.fireDate = futureDate;
        notification.timeZone = [NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone];
        notification.repeatInterval = 0;
        notification.applicationIconBadgeNumber = 0;
        notification.alertBody = title;
        notification.alertAction = action; // See application:didReceiveLocalNotification:
        notification.userInfo = nil;
        [notification scheduleLocalNotification:alarm];

- (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didReceiveLocalNotification:(UILocalNotification *)notification
        open app: open the app to the dashboard.
        rate the app: redirect the user to the App Store to rate.
    if ( [notification.alertAction isEqualToString:@"open app"] ) {
         SomeViewController *svc = [[SomeViewController alloc] init];
         self.navigationController pushViewController:svc animated:NO];
    if ( [notification.alertAction isEqualToString:@"rate the app"] ) {
         [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]];
    NSString * state = @"Unknown";
    if ( application.applicationState == UIApplicationStateInactive ) {
        //The application received the notification from an inactive state, i.e. the user tapped the "View" button for the alert.
        //If the visible view controller in your view controller stack isn't the one you need then show the right one.
        state = @"UIApplicationStateInactive";
    if( application.applicationState == UIApplicationStateActive ) {
        //The application received a notification in the active state, so you can display an alert view or do something appropriate.
        state = @"UIApplicationStateActive";
    NSLog(@"State: %@, Notification: %@",state, notification.alertAction);

 * Usage

[self showLocalNotificationWithTitle:@"Like using my app?\nPlease rate it in the iTunes App Store!" andAlertAction:@"rate the app"];

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